Yes, I Can...Provide life-changing adaptive recreational programs to those with physical challenges.


Provide Life-Changing Adaptive Recreational
Programs to those with Physical Challenges.

Since 1995, the Orthotic and Prosthetic Activities Foundation (OPAF) has been partnering with leaders in O&P to empower patients and improve their quality of life. Thousands of people have experienced life-changing adaptive recreation programs through our 308 First Clinics held throughout the country. That’s happened because of the support of people like you. With your partnership, we can do even more in 2018 and collectively help more people to say, “Yes, I can!”

From our First Stride and First Things First clinics- which introduce daily activity exercises to improve strength and gait- to First Clinics in Dance, Tennis, Swim and more, we see the ripple effect of our partnership with industry professionals through the patients and families we serve. We know that too few physically challenged people engage in regular recreation activity. Too few are ever empowered to be able to do the things they love. Our First Clinics change that by introducing adaptive recreation in a safe and responsible way, and teaching participants that they can do so much more than they ever imagined.

Not only do we focus on those with physical or mobility challenges, OPAF also provides continuing education and resources to practitioners, therapists and teaching professionals to ensure that we can reach as many people as possible throughout the United States. As therapists earn much-needed CME credits, they’re also helping to change lives. It’s an incredible combination of education and giving back.

OPAF needs your help and your financial support to continue our mission. Major sponsors, partners and donors are featured on the OPAF website and at OPAF events, as well as on social media and in our newsletter, Opportunities, Possibilities And Fun. All donations are entirely tax deductible and help make a huge difference in the lives of those we serve.


If you would like to submit your donation via mail, please download, complete and return the attached form.

Thank you for supporting OPAF. For more information about First Clinics, please click here or contact us today.

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